76mm Front and Rear Ladder Bars with Rabbit Ears

Ladder Racks / Sports Bars


A ladder rack is mounted on top of a vehicle to optimize the cargo capacity while keeping the vehicle protected. The ladder rack can be used to carry various items including ladders, conduits, long pipes, timber etc. Barworld offers a myriad of ladder racks tailored to suit specific needs and requirements.


The ladder racks can be either permanent installations or can have removable mounting devices. Lightweight ladder racks can be powder coated and be easily installed. There are two common varieties of ladder racks viz. Overhead racks and side ladder racks.


Commercial ladder racks are a feasible option for business that trade in cargo and those who specialize in transportation. All types of ladder racks can be fastened to the bed rails with the help of utility tools provided with the racks. Ladder Racks are mostly used by pick-up trucks and Ute’s.  


Ladder Racks can also be used in conjunction with Roof Bars to give a longer carrying capacity.


Barworld offers top notch quality ladder racks and an impeccable service. 


76mm Front and Rear Ladder Bars on Hard Top

63mm Front and Rear Ladder Bars with Cab Over

76mm Front and Rear Ladder Bars

76mm Front and Rear Ladder Bars on Hard Top

76mm Front Sports Bar with Rear Ladder Bar

Suzuki - Custom made Sports Bar and Ladder Bar with removable extensions on top

Navara - Trade Pack.

 76mm Rear Ladder Bar, Front Extension, Roof Bars and Roof Rack

Thule Racks with Front Extension and Rear Trade Bar