Which type of bull bars are actually illegal and why?

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If you're confused about what types of bull bars are legal or not, you are not alone. Like almost everything car-related, different laws and exemptions apply to bull bars across different states and territories; because it wouldn't be Australia without a bit of jurisdictional confusion would it?

Looking to purchase a bull bar? We've put together a list of general information, so you have some idea of what is legal across all states.

First up let's get one bothersome question out of the way - five post bull bars - legal or no?

Answer: Five post bull bars remain legal!!


How are laws around bull bars decided?


All Australian state and territory governments rely on two key documents to determine what types of bull bar to allow. These documents are: Australian Standard 4876.1 2002, and the Australian Design Rules. Governments assess the information in these documents as well as factoring in guidelines from other jurisdictions (notably the EU).


Why are some bull bars illegal?


Bull bars are banned, across all jurisdictions, if they are deemed to present an unacceptable safety risk.

Below are the main bull bar types that are banned completely:

  • Bull bars with sharp edges, or those that angle forwards; because of the danger they present to pedestrians or other drivers in the event of a collision.
  • Bull bars that obscure the number plate, headlights, indicators or parking lights on the vehicle. This one is for obvious reasons!
  • Bull bars that block the driver's vision. Again the reasoning behind this one is pretty clear.
  • Bull bars that are deemed 'too high'. Pedestrians generally have the best chance of survival the lower the impact point of the car. The higher the bull bar, the more likely that the pedestrian will sustain the force of the impact to the spinal, pelvic or even head region - which is obviously far more dangerous than an impact to the legs. The same theory applies to other road users. If you fit a bull bar that is higher than the front of the bonnet line of the vehicle, there's a very good chance it's illegal


How do I know if my customised bull bar is legal?


At Barworld Vic we guarantee that every bull bar we design and sell is 100 % compliant in Victoria and almost certainly compliant across all other jurisdictions. When we fit your bull bar to your vehicle, we'll provide you with a compliance certificate, which is signed off by an engineer. This certificate should enable you to register your vehicle across any jurisdiction in Australia.


Bull bars are designed to protect the occupants of the vehicle in the event of animal strike. They can save lives and prevent major damage to your vehicle. Governments need to weigh up the safety benefits vs the risks and we fully support them in doing this.

If you have any questions about purchasing a new bull bar contact us today. We can give you the latest advice regarding safety and compliance with Victorian law.