Why should you get a custom bull bar for your vehicle?

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A bull that�s out on the field uses its horns as a predatory mechanism. For vehicles, however, bull bars play a more defensive role, beyond just making the whole thing look a little more intimidating. When off-road, they can also provide decent protection during collisions � something we�re always more than happy to welcome.


But if you haven�t yet jumped into equipping your vehicle with one of these nifty features, what are the benefits for doing so and are they worth the investment? In this post, we explore why opting for a custom bull bar should be high on your list of priorities.


Protection against animals


If you happen to come head to head with a larger animal � like a kangaroo � the damage can be significant. Because the collision is much higher impact than if you were to hit something like a possum, you�re left vulnerable to injuries and writing off your vehicle altogether. Custom-made bull bars off you the protection you need on the front end, increasing your chance at surviving a severe crash or causing critical injuries. While it�s always safer not to drive at dusk and dawn, these additions to your vehicle can help you stay safe when you don�t have a choice.


Protection against off-road elements


As you cruise along, hazards are always bound to pop up � from ricks through to sticks that can get caught in odd places. A bull bar stops these annoyances, fending them off from impaling your vehicle or getting caught in your underbody. Prevent damage to your car or track with a design � like an aluminum truck bull bar � that is much sturdier than plastic.



Useful mounting abilities


There are a lot of ways you can mount winches, but the easiest way to do it is by mounting them to the bull bar on your vehicle. If you don�t have any plans to invest in a winch, that�s no problem � these bars are also a great investment strategy if you�re looking to sell the vehicle in the future. Beyond winches, if you love to hit the sand dunes now and then, a sand flag is essential. A bull bar allows you to mount the flag to the vehicle easily. Beyond this, you can also utilise the bar as a base, if you�re looking to equip a UHF antenna to the car or truck.


Helps with approach angles


Sometimes it�s hard to avoid touching the terrain when you�re in adventure mode. Instead of damaging your vehicle, aluminium bull bars offer protection when you happen to scuff the surface.


Aesthetic appeal


For some, bull bars provide the perfect way to increase the look and feel of a vehicle, and add a bit of �grit� to its appearance. Choosing a well-made design will also give it the added edge when it comes time to sell your beloved vehicle and hit the market again.


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